Your single point of contact in every phase of production

Have an idea but don’t know how to manufacture electromechanical product? Planning a serial production? We have all the answers you seek under one roof.

As a contract manufacturer, we never shy away from production challenges. We offer you full support every step of the way. Which way, you wonder? We made understanding of what we do and how we do it simple.

The Rodex Approach

Design For Manufacturing

Optimising your product design to ensure a seamless transition to serial production. Enjoy our complete support in designing for manufacturing and assembly. Rodex all-in-one place solution minimises manufacturability issues & costs, provides higher product success rates, and reduces lead time.

Tool Manufacturing

Consultation, design, and manufacturing of complex, high-quality plastic injection moulding tools and die-casting moulding tools. With technological services, we simplify serial production, predict potential risks, lower production costs, and raise the overall quality.

Production of Components & Supply Chain Management

In-house production of components and procurement of other materials and components through our network of suppliers. Every process design and moulding tool construction undergoes technological inspection beforehand, while our production includes only bespoke moulds for plastic injection moulding.

Precise Assembly

Benefit from our fast and highest quality in-house assembly of serial products. Your sensitive components stay protected within our designated ESD areas, while our experts help you develop the most optimal serial production technology.

Delivery & Packaging

Save time and resources with our logistics team. Entrust us with the procurement of materials and components and delivery of finished products all around the globe.

ISO Quality Control

By exercising quality control according to ISO standards in every production stage, we ensure adequate quality checks and measurements with advanced measurement tools. Among others, this also includes 3D measurement tools, 3D laser scans, and statistical process control. Constant calibrations, measurement system analysis, and quality control of the production processes are daily routine.

All-in-one place for all your needs.

Totally in-house, totally optimised TCO. With 40 years of experience and more than 110 experts from key technological fields, we understand your market, your business, and your production demands.

Customised solutions outside rigid systems. We design the manufacturing process from concept to serial production of component or final product and ensure total control. This allows us to mitigate potential risks before production, adjust to changes rapidly and solve problems fast. The word flexible does not even begin to describe us.

Our agility is met with high expertise. This means we ensure quality across production and cut unforeseen costs before they arise.

Progressive and proactive.

To achieve even faster time to market, Rodex Mechatronics is investing in several digitization projects. This results in greater flexibility, higher reactivity, and quicker decision-making. Industry 4.0 tools are being introduced and operations upgraded with artificial intelligence and robotics. Great measures are taken to adapt our manufacturing process to your needs, which is why customization is our strong point.

We handle logistics & supplies.

Supply chain management presents a challenge to many companies. Volatile market demands, geopolitical changes, complex products — the need for an agile supply chain has never been greater. To mitigate all the risks, our long-standing logistics network of more than 300 suppliers ensures that we can procure high-quality parts for production under optimal conditions. Quick adaptation to new demands in a controlled process guarantees the shortest possible throughput.

Our suppliers are our partners. Each undergoes a thorough qualification process, where they prove their quality, technological knowledge, and reliability directly on the ground. With respect to ESG (environment, social, governance), we commit to mainly partnering with regional suppliers, thus lowering our carbon imprint.

Our procurements
Technical polymers/granules
Quality tool steels
Standard tool parts and materials
Toolmaking services
Metal products to order - turned and stamped
Electronic assemblies (printed circuits)
Copper lacquered winding wires
Insulation material
Screw material

We oversee suppliers, material procurement and quality checks, saving your sourcing department 75 % of time.

Higher quality, lower transport costs.

Located in the heart of Europe, we are close to you and your needs. We have keen insight into the distribution networks of logistics service providers. This gives you a guarantee you’ll get the most optimal transport route and have your finished product delivered to your destination across Europe in less than 24 hours.

Our support knows no downtime.

Stable processes from development to serial production is what you get. To ensure your products enter the market in the shortest time possible, we optimise the production process with support on multiple levels.

When making the design for manufacturing, our technical experts review the product design and determine the most simple and efficient production method. Clients have confirmed that working closely with us is the best way to achieve an excellent price-performance ratio.

Get a high-quality tool with a long lifespan made at a lower cost. Our experts are here to help design and manufacture your tools.

Benefit from optimal assembly process. Our team helps select the most appropriate methods and technologies with the ultimate goal of shortening your project timelines.

Move on to serial production without a hitch. We advise on the most optimal measurement and checking methods for serial production.

Making sure your product complies with your industry’s mandatory provisions and normative specifications, from quality checks and data reports to managing documentation. Your time to market will be reduced as you will get all support that improves the stability of a new or existing product.

Contact & Support

Any questions? Need a partner for your next project? We are here to support you every step of the way.