Quality is our core commitment.

Our quality management system is central to the day-to-day operations at Rodex Mechatronics. It is involved in every aspect of our organization and drives our every decision.

Quality Control & Standards

For more than 15 years, we have been an ISO 9001-compliant contract manufacturer. It signifies our commitment to quality and meeting our customers’ demands.

Additionally, we have implemented the core principles of IATF 16949 to ensure total quality control, planning, and traceability of our work and products for the automotive industry.

Complying with international standards and good business practices proves we meet the highest requirements of industries in which we’re active. We guarantee a smooth transition to serial production, a shorter time to market, and total regulatory compliance and certainty for audits and inspections.

Control Procedures
Measurement of first pieces & Measurement reports
Adequate incoming control
Intermediary supervisory control
100% end-control of products
Statistical monitoring of the results
3D scanning machine Atos GOM
3D coordinate measuring machine DEA Hexagon 7.5.7 Performance
Profile Projector HAUSER (measurements of lengths and angles)
Mitutoyo microscope MF, measuring accuracy­: (2.2+0.02L) μm
Digital measuring clock Mitutoyo for measurement of heights
Digital micrometer Mitutoyo for measurements up to 25 mm, with 0,001 mm accuracy


Stay compliant with necessary provisions and normative specifications, such as the European chemicals regulation Reach, the EU RoHS, and the UL directive, with our help. We ensure traceability with our processes and spare you the need to develop this know-how and capacities inside your team. Our suppliers must provide material certifications of components, saving you the administrative effort.

Rodex Mechatronics complies with ESG factors (environment, social, governance) and is committed to transparency. We make strides to use environmentally-friendly materials and reduce waste, resulting in lower costs and a positive environmental impact.


Products coming out of our manufacturing processes are tested following the regulations and carried out securely. With established validation procedures, our operations are safe and lead to reduced time to market.

Transition to serial production becomes seamless. Our departments work closely together to analyze and manage possible risks with the help of tools such as FMEA, principles of ISO 31000, etc., and implement procedures to manage critical points and prevent potential errors.

We handle the majority of tests and samplings internally, always giving our teams unobstructed access to data. Our strict quality control on every level, from processes to supply chains, guarantees stable production and reliable output.